When i see beautiful women i dont get excited or happy anymore?

by brewbooks

Question by Mike: When i see beautiful women i dont get excited or happy anymore?
Due to the fact that i been rejected so many times its almost a waste of time to get excited and happy and talk to any women now. How can i get my confidence back?

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Answer by Mister Wonderful
Call a hooker

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Turn gay. ;]

You are either physically or mentally unatractive. Quick answer without knowing much more than what you asked. Go to the gym, see a personal trainer and get some therapy.

About the subject of dealing with women: I can’t give expert advice, but I can point you to men who seemingly can.

I really recommend learning about “Pick-Up Artist” skills. This doesn’t involve turning yourself into a lecherous sleazebag. The kind of pickup I’m referring to is designed to give the female a truly enjoyable social experience. A lot of those skills are actually more about handling social situations in general, and transitioning into attracting one girl in particular. They offer some suggestions I’ve never seen or heard elsewhere.

It’s best to learn from guys who have lots of experience with both succeeding and failing with women. They will know what works and what does not. Don’t listen to the advice of women or others who lack that extensive experience.

Learning how to flirt with and attract women has multiple benefits. If women start responding positively to you, then both guys and women perceive you as popular and interesting. Guys will be curious about how you do it; it’s a great conversation topic and source of bonding. Also, you’ll learn how to join a group of people who all know each other but don’t know you.

There are books in libraries and book stores that teach these skills. Personally, I like the books by Neil Strauss and by Mystery.

After you’ve read those books, search the web for “pick-up artist”. The website http://www.theattractionforums.com/ has enlightening discussions.

This will take you a long time to learn, so you won’t be able to take action right away. Be patient; the skills you gain will be easily worth the wait.

All of that just deals with the issue of meeting women for the first time. It’s not about long term relationships; entire sections of book stores are devoted to that topic.

cognatitive behaviour therapy – reaseach it , it will reall help you , its all about challeneganging the way the think and feel and deal with/about things

Yeah.. I know what you mean. I’ve been having this problem a lot lately.

I have player skills. I’m good at getting numbers. I’m good looking. YET.. I keep getting rejected or stood up. Its very easy to lose confidence and say phuck it.

But the thing is.. even the best players get rejected constantly and often. I’ve heard the average hit rate for a guy who is good at getting women is 30% and 10% for sex.

This means.. if an attractive guy approaches 100 women.. only 30 will give him a chance in heIl and only 10 will sleep with him. So its really an issue of time and numbers. Just keep going and eventually someone will be interested.

Of you can date ugly or fat women… Gah.

There most be something wrong with you to get rejected that often.
There is a lot of things you can be doing to improve to self worth!

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