When To Wear French Cuff Dress Shirts – Man’s Guide Wearing French Cuffs – French Cuffs Appropriate

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“I have many clients who all of the dress shirts I make them are french
cuffs. So they’re basically wearing them every day”.

Eh no. It only means that they wear cuff-links any time they wear a shirt
that you made for them.
Maybe they go out wearing a T-shirt.

I totally agree! When are cuffs appropriate?

Black Tie is SEMI-FORMAL. You wear black-tie to the theater, to dinner at a
restaurant, to a friend’s house for dinner. To a special party. White Tie
is the traditional definition of “FORMAL”. You wear White Tie to stuff like
Opening Night at the theater, to invitation-ONLY events, to state
functions, night-time weddings, etc. Most people don’t wear WT these days,
but BT is still fairly common. They say if you attend at least 1 BT
function a year, regularly, then you should invest in your own.

nice sweater you are wearing. who made it?

I can wear it whenever I want.

Thanks for your comment!

Possibly, but I wouldn’t try it. You don’t want the cuffs coming apart at
an inopportune moment.

I guess the question demanding some more helpful answers would be “with
what are French cuffs appropriate?” I would assume suits and sport jackets
are a given, but what about times when the shirt is all you’re wearing? Is
a tie in any way a requirement for French cuffs?

What are you? The morality police? I said it because I can.

You, sir, are fantastic! I’m just leaving high school and am looking to
start dressing up more often. This is exactly the type of thing I need.
Thank you!

Thanks for the solid explanation!

Ages – wow – I need to get going on getting these vids out quicker!

Timberland – I guess I’ll have to make a video about this:)

Nope – you got it!

I agree. I forgot to differentiate traditional vs modern in before I hit
“Post”. I also agree that 21st century style is sad. I once got asked what
I was dressed up for when I was in a t-shirt and well-fitting dark blue
jeans =

I’m wearing it every single time and is getting rid all my button cuff

The real question is, Antonio, where did you get that sweet pull-over? Is
that another one-of-a-kind custom? Looks good!

EXCELLENT point sir!

I love my french cuff shirts, me and few other colleagues at work wear
them. They add a bit of flair to the everyday wardrobe. Only caveat I’ve
experienced is that If you do a lot of drawing/handwriting on a desk,
sometimes the cuff gets in the way, but its not often.

wow! i’ve been waiting for this vid for ages!!

Gentleman’s Gazette

This dude should have more happiness!

I believe he’s referring to black tie and white tie occasions which are
fairly formal, white being the most formal. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

You might then need to get a shirt made for you then (Bespoke), Nordstorm I
think starts at 99$, but maybe a good shirt maker near by you, or in your
area can also do one for you.

what the person he talking about the talk about black ties and white ties?

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