When will society accept men wearing skirts?

Question by noodles: When will society accept men wearing skirts?
When will society accept men wearing skirts?

Society accepts women wearing men clothes, when will society come to terms with that a skirt or a dress is just a piece of clothing and men should have that choice of what to wear to.
I personally like wearing skirts and dresses and having a greater choice of clothes, everyone like choice so why cannot men have the same choice as females in clothing choice

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Answer by MyBabyLucky
I think a kilt is all right, but men wearing skirts just seems weird.

My thinking is this. If boys can take off their tops in public, and girls can’t, we should be allowed to do something they can’t. Like wear dresses and skirts.

And if you go to a beach that allows no tops for girls, fine. You only go occasionally though, and you have to be in a specific place.

For boys, they can wear skirts at say Halloween parties and junk.

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Men wearing womens clothing is weird….. plusm its cross dressing. Women who wear mens clothing are lazy or tomboyish.

I think wearing kilts is already acceptable in Scotland

Because it takes people outside of their comfort zones. Although choice is something that every human-being has the right to exercise, society places limits… People are always going to stare and have an opinion, but that’s for everything and everyone. You found something that strikes curiosity and a nerve. It makes you more comfortable and makes others think outside of the box. I think it’s a good thing.

it`s not weird u morons!!! it`s just not the “norm”, so u conservative stereotypical idiots think there`s something wrong with it!!! christ!!! u know what??? i think the majority of u people are a bunch of robotic twits that are so closed-minded that u can`t see anything but the inside of your own a**hole because that`s where u have your head most of the time!!! wakey wakey, people!!! look around & see that all people are individuals, & should have the choice to express themselves in whatever ways they see fit regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, etc…stop conforming to the cook-cutter “molds” that society is forcing on u!!!

Well I think we’re coming pretty close to doing just that…



Men should have the same choice in clothing. Judging from the increase in volume of people talking about it on the web, I think you’ll start to see more men in skirts in the very near future.

Personally, I enjoy wearing skirts. I wear one as a way to relax at night. A skirt is one the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have.

BTW, I consider myself a regular guy- straight, married, a father. I’ve never been called a sissy.

I think within 5-10 years. Sooner than most people think.

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