Where can I listen too Heidi, from The Hills’ “Body Language” song?

by James.McDowell

Question by averyrae.: Where can I listen too Heidi, from The Hills’ “Body Language” song?
The song is probably HORRIBLE!
I heard Spencer raps in it, I want too hear it!

Where can I!?

much love,
parawhore<3 youtube is blocked on my computer. ..forgot to add that.. yep, and myspace too. Best answer:

Answer by monkeyg
you tube

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google search ryan secreast radio show it might be on his site cause thats were she premiered it

peekvid.com veoh alluc.org you tube.

go to imeem.com and search heidi montag. it is the first one.. it is a piece from ryan seacret’s show so the first few minutes is of him talking but they do play the whole song.

Body Language was first premiered at my hometown station, 102.7 KIIS FM, on Ryan Seacrest’s show.

Here’s the link. Scroll until you see Heidi’s picture and click the Listen link


i suggest that if you value your hearing, you shouldnt listen to it.

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