Where to find girls & “situational excuses” to approach them.?

Question by Ace Michaels: Where to find girls & “situational excuses” to approach them.?
I want to meet girls but I need to know where to find them…I have no idea because I stay at home everyday.

Also I’m still rather shy so I’ll want to know some simple “situational excuses” to excuse my being at these places for the comfort of both myself and whoever I may interact with at least until I’m more comfortable with riskier situations.

-List top 10 places to find girls (18-25ish)
-List what day(s) of the week and timeframe most likely to find them at these places (ex: Malls on Sat afternoon 4pm-7pm)
-List what they usually are doing (ex: Shopping? etc..)
-List things I can do at these places that excuse my being at the same place (ex: Browsing/Shopping?)
-List ways I can initiate conversation that are unique to that place. (ex: “Does this look good on me?”)

My hopes are that this feels like a natural way to meet girls. If they turn me down perhaps I may end up at least being friends or at the very least having an enjoyable conversation.

Note: I want genuine answers only, girls are genuine people and I do not care for any pick up techniques that insist on treating them like objects instead of people.

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Answer by Pineapple Shortcake
I met tons of guys when I worked at a library, so I suggest that as a good place to meet people. Even if you aren’t a big reader, they also loan out movies, music, etc. Its cool because most people aren’t prowling for partners, so its more chill. If you two are browing the same section, you can ask if they’ve seen/read/listened to a selection you are looking at. Also, many people go to the library time and time again, so you can interact with the gal frequently before working the nerve up to ask her out. Other places: gym or rec center, local sporting event, volunteer organization, church if you are religious, community fairs & festivals, etc.

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Join a dance class. Girls will outnumber guys ten to one. Also you will learn an important social skill for meeting girls (dancing). So you can’t lose.

Volunteer in a charity.

ok so. you will find girls everywhere. shopping, movies, just places. so just sort of drift your way over to someone you know. and just start talking. be your self. don’t be awkward. and don’ t try to force conversation on someone who is trying to get away. 🙂 and you will probably find alot of grlz shopping bcuz of the back to school sales. even if they don’t go to school! hope this helps. might not but it might 😀

DO NOT put yourself in a situation where there will be multiple girls in a group. thats just asking for trouble. Join a gym, get a job serving customers, etc. Go to places where you are likely to find a girl by her self or with only one other person. Get the guys together and go bowling, maybe there will be a girl bowling with her friends (its ok as long as youre in a group as well). At a gym you can approach a girl and ask for advise, say you just started this fitness plan and she looks like shes in pretty good shape and knows what shes doing, this is a good excuse to talk to her and a compliment in one. Bowling: get your more outgoing guy friends to be the first to strike up a conversation with the group of girls, maybe have them challenge the girls to a boys vs girls competition. then you can pick a girl you want to talk to and find something to compliment her on, like her technique or whatever. then at the end of the night if all goes well ask for her number. If you go shopping, chances are a girl will be with at least one other person. One is ok, she will probably looking at her own thing while her friend is looking at something else. Ask for her opinion for “your sisters birthday” or say your sister is the same size as her, what size shirt should you buy her, or something.

First of all staying at home every day will obviously not help you find girls. A girl won’t randomly come to your doorstep. You have to get your ass out of the house and push yourself to places where you know girls will be at and try a little makeover or something that will make you feel better about yourself that you will have the confidence to approach any girl your interested in.
You can find girls at
1. Mall
2. Barnes & Nobles
3. Clubs
4. Bars
5. Amusement parks
6. Concerts
7. Parties
8. Cafes
9. Church (If you go to church)
10. Gym
11. Park
12. Bowling places!

Don’t know about the days of the week thing. Girls just go out any time they want to.
List of what they are usually doing and what you can do at these places yourself
1. Shopping with friends at mall- you can be shopping for yourself also
2. Catching up with friends at movies- you can be with your friends at the movies
3. Having lunch with friends at restaurants- you can be enjoying a nice lunch with your friends as well
4. Working out at the gym- you can be there to work out also
5. Out at parties with their friends- you can be out there partying also
6. At a cafe enjoying a nice coffee- you can be enjoying a nice drink yourself
7. Probably at the park playing soccer- you can be at the park shooting some hoops
8. At the beauty salon getting all dolled up…..I really don’t know about this one. lol

1. If they are wearing a band tee, tell them you think that band is awesome and talk about their latest albums.
2. pretend your buying a gift for your sister and ask them what they think of it because you need a girl’s opinion
3. Ask them for directions

You gotta let the girls come to you. I love your very last sentence. 🙂 And I am so glad you are not like the stupid losers that are that way. Anyways hope this is enough help for you and trust me, there will be atleast one girl that would be interested in you. There is that one person for all of us. Period. Good luck and most importantly be yourself and let your persnoality flow. You really shouldn’t try to get someone to like you. Just let everything come to you naturally and you’l see how everything goes.

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