Who do men not understand fashion?

Question by : Who do men not understand fashion?
ok of course there are exceptions, those hip city boys who know what’s fashionable or not.
but most men seem to like those women who dress “trendy” rather than the truly fashionable ones who women admire…why is this??

clearly for men

more pleasing for women

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Answer by Jackie CD
Us guys just have no training or experience in the area of fashion. And most have no appreciation of good fashion. Now that I have started to appreciate fashion, I am starting to realize how ignorant I am in that area.

Also, society seems to dictate that men are not allowed to be interested in fashion and does not support those of us who would like to grow in our understanding of fashion.

Most men’s idea of fashion is just picking out what team’s football jersey they want to wear while parked in front of the television drinking beer and watching a bunch of other guys butt heads and fight over some sort of oblong shaped ball.

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