who said this to “Should man wear skirt – white skirt?”?

Question by I own you: who said this to “Should man wear skirt – white skirt?”?
who said this to “Should man wear skirt – white skirt?”

an idiot answered: “no, *****,” what kind idiot will give a rude answer to this kind of question?! f*ck it.

and again, here is my question – Should man wear skirt? Reasons

1. easy to make
2. better looking
3. easy to wear
4, man and women are equal.

Best answer:

Answer by kerin
my opinion??
Yes men should wear skirts.

However, not all skirts are easy to make and can be in fact more difficult than pants, especially when you start getting into ruffles and or pleats.

Not always is it better looking for a man to be in a skirt, just as some women don’t look good in a skirt. it depends on the legs and body of the wearer

yes they are easy to wear, however, depending on the weather not as ideal. in the cold or the wind you have to protect the legs and or keep the skirt from blowing up.

And i agree there should be no distinction between men and women.


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