Why can’t men wear dresses, but women can wear pants?

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by Roon Vavoom

Question by Nobody Important: Why can’t men wear dresses, but women can wear pants?
I’m not complaining or anything, I’m just curious. Women are never seen wearing pants in a lot of old pictures and stuff, so was it just as weird for them to wear “men’s” clothing as it would be for men to wear dresses today? And if there was a transition where women were being able to wear “men’s” clothing, why wasn’t there also a transition where men could wear “women’s” clothing, such as dresses?

I wouldn’t wear a dress because it would seem weird…but what unseen law says this?

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Answer by Out With A Bang
double standard

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No one is stopping you from wearing a dress.

What are you complaining about. Do you really want to wear a dress?

Pants serve a purpose of mobility and protection. Dresses, do not. But I am sure there could be a transition if fashion pushed it and it was in demand.

Women, as a group had the guts to fight for the right to wear pants. They stood up to hostile men that felt threatened by this, and also to narrow minded, traditional women. If men want to wear dresses (which is not illegal, by the way) You have to do the same.

I think it happened because women wanted to show they equal to men so they dressed like them so that they could do the same hard labor and stuff. but men never wanted to dress like women because they believe women were weaker. it just kind of stuck. personaly i have nothing against men wearing dresses or anything. its just kind of a custom thats stuck. who knows, maybe you could sart a new trend! 🙂

It stems from the old idea of men being superior to women. I’m not saying men are superior, but it is a remnant of that way of thinking.

It’s a silly double standard. Thankfully, it is largely seen as acceptable for girls to be more tomboyish in their behaviour and dress nowadays. However the stigma still exists for straight men who wish to behave or dress in a more stereotypically “feminine” manner. As far as I’m concerned, men should certainly be allowed to wear dresses if they want to!

That said, you can’t deny the fact that trousers and shorts are more practical than dresses and skirts, for both genders. :-p

I’ve seen men wear women’s skirts to off-beat folk style events that tend to attract nerds and ex-hippies, like “square dancing” events, or “folk life” festivals, for example.

Some of the men wore Scottish kilts that were designed for men, and were quite stylish (as they went to the trouble of wearing matching clothes, socks & shoes) and were manly looking. Other nerdy guys just wore some ugly, cheep woman’s skirt with t-shirts, tennis shoes and old gym socks, which REALLY made then look stupid, even if they were trying to make a fashion statement.

But most guys don’t want to look gay or sissy in public, so we choose not to wear them.

Go to a gay club. Theres lots of men in dresses there. And cowboy hats.

Woman started wearing pant because they are more practical in everyday life.
I think the reason why woman traditionnaly wore dress was because its more convenient to hide your privates while peeing and woman calfs were seen as very erotic so the long dress would hide that…

Try wearing a long dress. It limits your movements.
Wearing a shorter dress doesn’t limit your moves as much but you constantly have to worry that no one sees your panties and in winter it can be chilly.
There would be no point for man to wear dresses.

This has little to do with the subject but I wish men’s kilts were fashionable because I think they are sexy!

As far as I know, there is no law against men wearing dresses.

Very few women wore pants in the past (in Western culture). Not sure when this changed, exactly.

It was considered indecent.

Well, in the 1920s women began wearing pants for leisure activities, but they were not considered respectable for wearing for going out, going to work etc. So you will often see women in old films wearing pants while they are lounging around the house etc, but not when they go out. I think it was really in the 60s that women began being able to wear pants for everyday activities, the 60s is when you see women wearing trouser suits for instance.

However, in some societies trousers (pants) were considered normal wear for women in past times, they wore them in China for instance, and in some Muslim countries. Trousers are still considered more respectable for women in some cultures.

I can’t really think of any reason why a man would want to wear a skirt, trousers are generally more convenient and more comfortable for most activities.

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