Why do women “deserve” good things like spa treatments, and men “deserve” things like a slap in the face

by the.joberg

Question by *I CURED My Yellow Teeth*: Why do women “deserve” good things like spa treatments, and men “deserve” things like a slap in the face
Please, no lame answers like “because men are jerks and women are princesses.” What I’m asking about is the use of the word “DESERVE.” In casual conversation (among women), the use of the word “deserve” is applied differently to men and women. women “deserve” rewards, men “deserve” consequences.

Do any of you see my point? You’ll never hear a woman say to her boyfriend, “honey, you DESERVE a ski trip with the boys” and you’ll never hear a woman say to one of her girlfriends “well, he dumped you, and you DESERVED it.”

precious227, am I to take it that women who never have children, or who are incapable of having children are not as deserving as breeders?

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Answer by jack
All we need is a good romp in bed.

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because they are self-obessed whores basically

guys do deserve to be treated out too. u just have to find the right woman. I see ur point…I would say honey you deserve a ski trip wit the boys… cause i dont control my man and anything he wants to do he can do it. I dont control his life.

We are just never made privy to this.

I have heard women dump on another woman, but it won;t generally get out

You desperately need a different group of friends. Women don’t deserve anything any more than men do.
I’m an educated woman over 30. What kind of people do you spend your time with?

What? You would hear those things if you were with the right girl. I tell my b/f to take time for himself every week. It’s just as important for men to “pamper” themselves or spend time with their buddies as it is for women to go to the spa or have a girls night out. What’s stopping you from just taking what you “deserve”?? Ignore the girl.

what, who said so? i never thought that men deserve a slap on the face, that is if they don’t “deserve” it. i don’t see things that way at all. i am not going to speak for all the women here, but i don’t think you know a lot about women. when we screw things up because of our “stupidity” we tell each other that we deserve the consequences.

i think you should talk to women more.

it’s just another one of those double standards. I think people say women deserve rewards, is because most women don’t stop working, especially if they are married. They go to work come home and work some more (cook, clean, take care of kids,etc) a day in the life of an average woman is busier compared to a man’s, they go to work come home and relax, plus we have that whole pms thing to deal with it and we must deal with it while doing all of the things on our schedule, but I see what you are saying. I think people spend too much time “genderalizing” things as opposed to just seing people as individuals not as females, males. Cheers!

“deserve” good things from who? there man? If we lived in a fair world, these things would work out even. But we don’t and that is price us men have to pay for pussy.

because we deserve it.. men can’t do what we do..

for ex, when we r pregnant we gain weight, get moody, go through motion sickness then we walk around w/a baby that will get to be atleast 7-10lbs in our bellys for 9mos.. then go through labor and raise the child with or without the father..

now if that’s not astonishing to where we deserve a spa treatment then i dont’ know what is…

most men r jerks, they r insensitive to womens needs and feelings.. they only want sex and r forever cheating…. so yeah for that, men deserve a slap in the face.. not all men but most…

If you are a man, they only good thing you deserve is the big piece of meat. Our pop cultured society has taught (or still teaching) us that men need to be treated harshly for being men. We are dogs, brutes and if we step out of line suffer consequences. Women on the other hand are helpless and should be treated with kid gloves. Don’t pick on the girl in other words.

The best way to deal with it is to be the best person you can. Have self respect for yourself. Don’t let a woman or anyone else walk all over you. If you are good to your woman and you are doing nice things for her, she will usually let you have a night out with the boys.

women should not be allowed to engage in casual conversation. they dont “deserve” to cause all they do is spent money on crap and complain. this is why women are concerned with these questions and men are planning genocide. what a wonderful world my ass louie armstrong.

Men and women deserve to be treated equally.
If your wife deserves a spa treatment then you should be able to deserve a night out with the boys.

The problem is with how women and men see life. Many women find fault with men, even when they don’t deserve it. Basically it is because men are simple creatures and women are complex ones. I am not saying that women are better than men, I am just describing their approach to life.

Men are fairly simple creatures; it’s in our biology. Men are geared to reproduce quickly and often. That is why sex can be so short for us; and why a picture of a hot woman is enough to get a man aroused. Men are capable of multiple relationships with multiple women. They can stay in a serious relationship, but only if they are willing to make the commitment. The biggest problem with men is that they often think with their lower head, rather than the one that sits on top of their neck.

Women are more complicated. They need to carry a baby to term and raise it. A picture of a hot man can get some women excited, but not for long–they need a relationship. They want to know a man, and they want to be able to trust him to possibly raise a child. Women are geared to hunt for a mate that they can raise a child with; it’s in their biology. Women want a stable relationship with one man. A woman often seems to get less out of sex because their biology requires either multiple sessions or they require a longer session to insure that the male has a better chance of putting his sperm where it can create a child. This explains the women’s greater need for foreplay. They need to build up to a climax.

Humans are one of the few creatures that are always in “season.” A human can breed all year round. This makes it better for the male to spread his genes, and lets the woman use the allure for sex to hold on to their mate. When sex becomes less frequent the male’s attention may wander. Generating sperm is easy to do, and men do it in the thousands for most of their lifespan. Women have a set number of eggs and a period of youth and adult stages when they can get pregnant. Carrying a baby to term is a difficult, and often dangerous task, one that can only be attempted by someone who is very fit. This is why women have menopause and why after a time sex starts to lose its attraction.

Some women are attracted to the dangerous man. While at first this doesn’t seem like a good idea, the dangerous man is more likely to win in any competition. If a woman is with such a man then she can be assured that another man won’t try to take her away from him. Again it’s all in the biology. Look at the lion pride. The strongest male has a harem of females. He gets them pregnant and they raise their cubs. The male has to defend himself against other rival males. He spends most of the night making loud growls to show the others that he is the dominant male, and he will fight off any competing males. When a new male takes over, the first thing he does is to kill all the old male’s cubs. This puts the females into heat, and he can breed with them.

Unfortunately, since women are complex creatures they think that men are. This can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. Men are simple creatures; they look for the simple and straightforward solution of problems. Since men are less complicated then women we tend to have problems understanding them. Complexity doesn’t mean smarter than simple, it means that a different approach is being used.

Men like sports because it is a trial by combat. They may claim other reasons, but the most basic one is the combat. A male biology gears the man to be able to defeat his rivals and hold on to his mate(s). This is why men are better fighters.

Humans may be reasoning and intelligent beings, but they still have the same instincts that they started with. We are a lot closer to animals than we think. The difference between humans and the animals is that mankind can rise above their instincts. We can use tools, and change the environment to suit us. Once that happened though mankind became immune to evolution. We can attempt to improve the breed, weed out problem genes, and turn others on or off, but we cannot escape our instincts.

Our intelligence lets us rise above our instincts. A woman can be a soldier, but she may prefer a more caring approach. A man can be a homemaker, but he may prefer to go out into the wild and hunt (he often does this by getting a job). Women and men can do each other’s jobs, but their biology has defined roles for them and their instincts have to be overcome.

Men are better because they can see the simple solution to a problem and they will solve it without wasting too much time thinking about it. Men are better hunters and fighters.

Women are better because they can find a solution to a complex problem. They don’t mind taking the time required to think something out. They are more caring and nurturing. They are also able to work better together (except when hunting for a mate).

Comparing men and women is like comparing the heads and tails of a coin. They are two opposite sides of the same coin. They represent two different approaches to survival and civilization.

If your female partner asks “Does this dress make me look fat.” You know that it’s a relationship “landmine.” If you say yes then you are doomed. The woman doesn’t think that you just dislike this dress; she looks for the deeper meaning. She is thinking, “What do you mean I am fat? You are telling me that I need to lose weight and asking me why I haven’t done it yet! How do you get the nerve to say that!” She has all these thoughts before you can take your next breath. If a man asked you, “Do these pants make me look fat.” If you said yes then he would probably change his pants. He might ask you, “Do you think I am fat?” If you said no then the problem would stop there. If you said yes, then he might get mad. But, a woman has gone to what she thinks is the deeper meaning and is mad at you for calling her fat.

The biggest problem with women is that since they are complex creatures, looking for a deeper meaning, they think that men are to. We can be, but we default to the simple and basic.

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