Why don’t Muslim men wear hijabs?

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by marksdk

Question by Vagina: Why don’t Muslim men wear hijabs?
Sometimes I get turned on when I see men. I can’t control myself and sometimes I feel like i have to pull their pants down and force myself on them. They should be more modest and hide their beards and hair in public. Their pecks and any other muscles should be hidden from my view as well.

dirty uncovered dogs! You FORCE me into impure thoughts even though I lower my gaze at you! Wear a headscarf and hide yourself already.

While you’re at it, don’t leave the house without your mothers or husbands to make sure you aren’t having same sex masturbation parties. I know how you men are in secret.

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Answer by Demolition Angel
They do and they should. Hijab is for both men and women in Islam

By a turn on do you mean an erection? ◕‿◕
Below me Lady (oooops!!) : I am not so sure that she is a 100% girl. Girls don’t get turned on visually as much as men do. So maybe she does have a penis. :S

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@Above lmaoo she’s a girl o_O
@Above I am not a dude lmao D:

men DO have to wear hijaab in Islam.

we cannot show anywhere from chest to knees or some say belly button to knees.

and secondly go read all scientific research men are much more attracted sexually to women than the other way. all scientific research proves this.

Thirdly: men still have to cover themselves but less than women, is this unfair? if it is I will go outside (in united states) and walk topless in my street. And if you are a woman I challenge you to do the same come walk topless in the streets. what will happen when you do this?

You will be arrested. and I will not. because men can wear less clothes in America than women.

so it is exactly proportional in Islam both parties wear more clothes and women wear more clothes than the man. and in west both men and women wear less clothes but woman still wears more than the man..

Men do observe hijab and why should they cover their hair? Beauty is in the hair of a woman
lol @Anti Noub, but in general the most attractive feature of a woman is her hair

Men do have to dress modestly.

Cause islam is a sexist false religion. Sad but true.

They don’t wear it to attract other muslim men.

Laws are not based on individuals. It is about collective social behavior.
No wise person can deny that sexual behavior of men and women are different. It is a simple and plane truth.

OK, in your case we do not force children to wear hijab because of fear of pedophiles. If you are abnormal, men won’t wear Hijab.

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