Why Dressing Sharp Is Simple For Men – 3 Male Fashion Tips – Man’s Guide to Style

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i wish these videos came out a few years earlier when i was even more
ignorant about how to dress properly and what to look for in clothing…
but anyway thank you very much for all the help Antonio, keep it up!

@bojangles27420 Thanks! Glad they helped.

I really like you video and your personalities From malaysia

wait o.o you’re from Texas? what part? i live in Hutto Texas (though you
probably never heard of it)

Enjoying the vids tremendously. Great ebook as well, I encourage others to
sign up for the mailing list to receive a free copy. Have you thought about
doing a video on cologne/fragrance in general, Antonio? I.e., what is and
is not appropriate for a professional setting?

@duesenbergmj You’re talking to a Texan, sir 🙂 You’ll see cowboy boots at
business meetings down there (though I’d draw the line at least a LITTLE
sooner than that, myself!)

@duesenbergmj Know before you go! I’m pretty sure that’s in at least one of
our business-traveler vidoes/articles. A conference in a Dallas convention
center is nothing like a dinner at a Toronto restaurant even if the
business being discussed is the same…

@Dinonu I should, but then I would have to iron more clothing:)

Very helpful!!!

im 15 and im already molding my future wardrobe to this! aha thank you for
all the great vids keep it up subed and liked

@CharlieKaytion You are welcome sir – 10 in a row? – wow, suprised you’re
not tired of me yet:)

Cus every gals crazy bout a sharp dressed man!

Good luck to you and your son!

You should show more of your outfits in your videos.

@DerekTanWeiHong1990 Thank you, sir! Glad to have you watching.

@lucky21708 Glad you’re enjoying! Lots more to come…

Why is your lapel so assymmetrical? Not only is there this addition flap,
on the left side, but it’s generally wider on the left. I find it really

@Covermeporkins11 It’s still a pretty bare-bones video set-up here, but
we’re working on adding more to them!

@iniquitouszephyr We’ll keep them coming!

Your detailed videos are great and I thank you. I have a son and he pays
attention to your videos. I’m glad I found this and it gives him a sense of
direction in clothes :))))#happymom

if you slide with your mouse on the red timer line its like he is playing
karate xD

@GaeasBlessing We have not put together an article or a video on that —
but it’s a good suggestion!

Yes, you can really upgrade your wardrobe with a pair of new dress shoes.
I noticed this on my past purchase. I had some comforteable sketcher shoes
and needed new shoes. I was looking for something a little dressy but still
feel comfortable. So, I got driving, brown leather moccasins from Banana
Republic. I tried them on with jeans, khakis, and dress pants too. They’re
functional and comfortable. They’re really lazy type shoes because they go
with anything-I thought so. They’re retired 8(

Good videos and are helpful for a fashion newbie like me. Some video or
still pictures of what you are talking about would help. And gives the
viewer something else to look at every few minutes.


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