Why You May Want It – A Body Language Book

by amayzun

Why You May Want It – A Body Language Book

Did you ever find yourself sited with crossed legs? What about crossed arms? Have you ever done one of these postures? If you have as many others then please keep reading this small article to its end. As you can guess, the postures written above are bad body language. Because we may engage into these body language without even noticing them, reading a book about body language can help correct and identify the unwanted message these bad body language send.


A body language book can help identify bad body language

Even though we seem to react instinctively to bad postures, it does not mean that we know exactly why we have a certain impression about someone. Consequently, with the help of a body language book, coming to realize that certain body language are to be avoid can be achieved.


Correcting a bad body language

Following the acknowledgement that a certain posture does not communicate the best message, we can now work on avoiding performing it.  More practically, when one is aware that arms crossing for instance does not necessarily show him at his advantage, he might  then be able to detect this bad body language and thus open his arms.


There is more to reading a body language book

Besides being able to detect and change bad body languages one may be able to better understand those around him/her. Effectively, a book about body language can help you understand better your family members for instance. Let’s imagine that you are chatting together and while you are giving your point of view (to use the same body language mentioned earlier) someone crosses his/her arms. This body language in this situation is likely to mean that this person disagrees with you. However, because the context such as the temperature of the room or maybe a stomach too full for instance, can be bothering that person, one has to be careful before putting a meaning to others’ moves.


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