Women: Your opinion on men’s fashion?

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by Jasper Gregory

Question by A: Women: Your opinion on men’s fashion?
You know, I don’t think men’s fashion gets enough credit. I just want to know what the ladies think looks good on men; what they adore seeing men wearing…? What styles and clothing items — the whole nine.

There’s a shopping center near where I live, and I hate how like 70% of the stores are geared for women. The other 30% are like men & women’s clothing stores. There might be one or two men’s-only stores. There’s one sporting goods store in the whole mall, and it’s a Nike Women’s store. So as a male I can’t even buy men’s. Why couldn’t they just make it a Nike store for both genders? Surely they’d make more money… I think men have to put up with more sexism today than women. One place is in shopping centers, where men’s selections are so much smaller.
At this shopping center they opened a new store… I figured well maybe they should open a store for guys now… nope, it was called “American Girl”. I thought it was a clothing store but it’s a store for young girls (toys, clothes, books). It seems like males are being ignored in American society from an early age now. I think the focus should be put on boys since it appears boys are the ones in trouble — dropping out of school more, getting involved with wrong influences, more pressures… yet because of feminists we want to ignore boys and treat them like dirt and focus all attention on girls.

Anyway, what do you think of men’s fashion?
nota_zzz: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know one guy that “wants” to wear a bra.

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Answer by gjmb1960
it hink it should be forbidden.

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“men’s fashion”, I believe that’s an oxymoron.

I absolutely adore it.

I love it. Everyone has diff taste in what they like, but there is nothing better than seeing a guy in some Diesel Jeans, Ed Hardy shoes, and a T!

I think that things are changing slowly but for the most part (rightly or wrongly) the fashion industry is geared towards women. In addition, women have more variety in choices of clothing (pants, skirt, dress…) and women tend to choose from a wider variety of colours. Since half the population is male, I do wonder why there isn’t more of a need for mens clothing stores… you are correct if you think you are being limited in your choices… you are! The men I know do care about how they look and what they wear… but man, I guess they don’t have much choice when it comes to shopping.

I don’t think you should blame it all of feminism, first of all. Remember, only about 40 years ago, women were lagging behind in every aspect of soceity. All of this is just an effort to reverse all the unequal treatment of women that society has taken part in. Also, feminists would argue just the opposite of what you see in the malls (in my point of view)..she/he would argue that why are women given so much attention to when it comes to fashion and how they look, but not on intellect? Why IS there so much emphasis on looks, style, and beauty when it comes to women, what about other aspects of a female’s life?

Anyhow, besides that, to answer you question: I think it’s awesome how you are interested in fashion! I think every male should take care of the way he presents himself. I personally don’t like the “surf boy” style clothing that stores like American Eagle and Abrocrombie have to offer. I prefer Express clothing for men, I find that extremely sexy. Also, the more mature, GQ type of styles are hot. I think it’s such a turn on if a guy dressses well. I really hope your mall starts to get more stores specifically for men =)

When it comes to men’s fashion, I think Pharrell. I love the way he dresses. It’s like a mixture of sporty and trendy. I like a nice shirt, some jeans, and maybe a jacket on a guy. Coordinated nicely it’s really appealing to me. That and nice hair is really an eye catcher for me. Men are simple people though. Shirts and pants, shirts and pants. But with girls it’s only more variety because of the choices we have in what to wear. That’s basically anything the guys can wear PLUS what we already do. (Dresses, skirts, blouses, etc)

I just think guys don’t worry about things like accessories either. Like a scarf or a matching bag. Ok, maybe the scarf. I think it’d look cute. But all in all… I don’t think there’s a demand for it. And those who do demand it usually make it or find a way to get it 😉

Ask men why they don’t go shopping for stylish clothes themselves and why they get lazy and wear whatever their female partners buy for them. But I hear you. Sucks when you want to buy and the stores don’t offer a good selection. Blame it on the other men who don’t bother to look good.
I like men in dark denim and a cool fitted button down shirt. When it looks effortless and I also like it if they chose something that looks good for their body type.

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