would you date an mtf (male2female) trans”woman”?

by Jasper Gregory

Question by All She Wants Is KODI STEIN: would you date an mtf (male2female) trans”woman”?
i cant. my “uncle” is a trans “woman” and got rejected for it lol and i kinda dont blame the guy who did it.

Best answer:

Answer by .TheDonJuanita.
Why would I want a man who wants to be a woman? Lol no. I wouldn’t even date an ftm (female to male). Post op. Pre op. Non op. I don’t care they’re still the gender they were given at birth to me.

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I don’t date females, but if it was an ftm, i’d have to say that i probably won’t. But if they were as awesome as Adam on Degrassi, then maybe i would, lol.

Hmmm…. maybe if i loved them & they weren’t ugly. But idk *shivers* i don’t want to think about that. lol

cause it’s all about
Who the person is now
Not who they were

I woudln’t cause I don’t date chicks, but possibly a female2male.

If she was passable and hot yeah. google Bailey Jay and Sarina Valentina and tell me you wouldn’t.

sure. Even though I haven’t quite decided on my sexuality, love is love. She could be the best person in the world, and if I decided that she wasn’t worth dating simply because she was mtf, I could be missing out on a life of happiness.

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