Would you ever wear a Bill Oreilly sports jacket???

Question by Randolph: Would you ever wear a Bill Oreilly sports jacket???
Haha on oreilly’s website you can buy stuff for charity, like mugs, shirts, sports coats, etc, and just thought it was pretty ridiculous that they make a sports jacket that says “Bill oreilly No Spin Zone” on it! hahaha I don’t know anyone that would wear it….even if I was a right wing ass like oreilly I wouldn’t wear it, it seems so tasteless!

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Answer by Bookworm
OMG that is so lame! I think it’s incredibly tacky that O’Reilly sells anything on his website. What kind of nut job would wear that? And would they go all out, I mean with the jacket and the shirt, and holding an O’Reilly mug in one hand and an O’Reilly pen in the other? Lol!

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