XO MAN – Follow Fashion ft Ed Sheeran

OUT NOW ON iTUNES http://bit.ly/rCPDwh Ed Sheeran adds his midas touch and joins Mikill Pane, XOMan, Master Shortie, Sincere to create ‘FOLLOW FASHION’ Acous…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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ed sheeran is like a cool, awesome and swaggier justin bieber, he can hang
around with black people and not try and act like them, he’s just him self,
he can wear baggy trousers and still look awesome he CAN play guitar and
not look like an idiot and its just ed sheeran doing what he loves

There’s nothing more gangsta than a taped guitar.

Rasta Ed is my favorite ed,


Teddy is a god. 

Ed Sheeran makes me smile 🙂 #music 

They struggle to keep XO man in the shot.



This guitar is too big for Ed ^^

loooove this song omg

i REALLY want the chords to this one, someone help me? thx!

XO Man and Kevin Hart need to take a picture together. Just for shits and

tall guy is the coolest man on the earth

This was my first introduction to the perfection that is British Rap.

and considering XO is 6’10” that’s no small feat 😉

anyone else notice that the guitar is being held up by tape? at 3:21 it
falls off and Ed kinda panics and catches it and keeps playing ….he is
amazing! <3


was decent till he said ‘gay’ in a derogatory way zZZZz

i need the lyrics!!!!!!!

Awesome song, found it on Beat100 didn’t even know this was uploaded in
2011 ^^ What MrForbes said.

*mom talking while I’m listening to Ed’s part* *want to kill her*

hu is the last guy that raps?

Fuck, this is perfect.

Lol duct tape guitar strap. ツ

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