yeah the blazers!?

by dalechumbley

Question by only living boy in NY: yeah the blazers!?
man, if blazers get oden, it would revive my liking for them.

i love the blazers during the sheed era. sheed was entertaining when he gets those T’s. the blazers could again contend for west supremacy with oden battling duncan in the playoffs.

like when i liked the cavs only during the lebron era.

this is gonna be great!

you guys too?

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Answer by Cris
I like the fact that they have two big men that they can serve as their foundation into the future. (Oden and Aldridge) If they could only get a point guard to put them all together. then they are indeed going to be fun to watch again

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Your a front runner pick a team and stick with them no matter what?

The Blazers are already looking like they will be a force the next few years. They HAVE good point guards, they just don’t get the love from the media. Sergio Rodriguez might be the next Steve Nash-type point guard. He’s spectacular at times…and Jaret Jack is solid. Word is that if they draft Oden, they will trade Zach “Black Hole” Randolph. (As in, drop it down low and the ball disapears forever!) They should trade Randolph for a high 1st rounder. Maybe draft Conley.

Yah baby! I agree with you on this one.

If they get Oden they can get to the playoffs! Maybe even win the championship!

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