Your Body Is A Wonderland

john mayer Your Body Is A Wonderland

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@saraaahmazing ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa, that’s awesome :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

@saraaahmazing lol, i noted that too. His mouth is weird in this perfomance xD

His guitar solo is lush as.

pause at 0:38 and die laughing 🙂

@immortalass bahah..YARRRR!! can you imagin..fuckin jennifer that lucky god danm fucking idiot..i would have been in a wheel chair for a month after having her lol

@TheIcecream102 Can you shut up with these fucking dislike shit? Comment about the song fucker.

by now that dude’s johnson has got to be worn down like the eraser tip of a cheap no2 pencil from all the action he’s getting

i hate him

175 people thought dislike meant dis i like! thumbs up if you agree!

Ahhh SO hott.

you’re kidding!!!! ?

@garbonzo14 man hope your kiddin, cause he won 7 grammys so far 😛

im in love w/u mr.mayer..!!

2:23 – 3:01

♫♫♫♫♫♫ SO FUCKING GOOD♫♫♫♫♫♫

i l♥ve the way he sung this song

@Deprivedofbeards real men don’t have man crushes, just plain respect

Ima a guy and im straight But id marry tht man lol

Love that song!
He is the best <3

Sex. Right there.

@Fleezyy are you fucking kidding me?

can I be your alice?


OHGOD please have me john <3

@garbonzo14 LOL, this is john mayer, one of the best musicians to have ever been born

who is this. if hes not famous he needs to be found. i think i saw him on mtv once

Who is this guy? He’s pretty good.

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