Yunho’s Body Language

OMG my first tribute! 😀 hi pplz ^__^ this took a total of 15 hours, 15 hours to make! but it was hecka fun. yes its with a Jesse McCartney song, can we plz not bash artists here? and i know this song is supposed to be for a girl, but the lyrics made me think of Yunho when i heard them, because i don’t speak Korean or Japanese or Chinese lol but the way his body is talking def makes sense. ^.~ I OWN NOTHING!! EVERYTHING TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS!! i hope you enjoy. Yunho and DBSK fighting! edit: (OMG Youtube killed the quality O_O” i think i’m gonna upload it again in HD…)

Mandy & Booka Shade – Body Language (Afrilounge mix)

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so HOT i died in my computer !!!!!!

the best dancer
his body language is awesome
luv you yunho oppa

wow u did a really good job for your first time…yunho is always amazing and i loved your special effects n how the clips went with the beats of the song….good job!

oh its insulting!!!! the video is so beautiful but the song not, a dong bang shin ki song or other corean song pleaseeeeeee

droooooooooooooling 😉

@huynie96 hahaha don’t dieee XD 2:36 was actually No Pain No Gain from the T concert. thanks for watching 🙂

so H.O.T
OMG, I died
in Mirotic per, Sky, Wrong Number, Hey , “O” ,dancing,… oh my blood
You’re killing me

2:36, which per in T concert ? he’s so so so very hot 😡 is rising ? oh, please tell me, I can’t remember

thank you so much for making this! i could watch him forever! he is so magical!

i love yunho i’ve notice him since i saw him appear in DANA MV as the rapper and dancer…….. He changed a lot in both looks and dancing…….! ^_^ He so sweet on the inside and mature on the outside.!!!! Please conTinue to SUPPORT HIM>>>>


you did a great job!! i definitly love it xD

Oooh ~,~
i miss them

the song sucks

Great job! Thanks for sharing!

AHH!!!!!!! Yunho is sooooo hot!!!!! sooo sexy wow amazing, i want to see us in Colombia T.T

papasitos los adoro!!! en especial a U know

he’s one hell of a dancer!

i know when i was watching the drama autumn concerto, at certain camera angles i thought he was yunho!!!

You so cool and beautiful!!!
I luv u

The video made some good points.


I think I have a nose bleed, lol.

Oh God that was hot!!!

*breathes heavily* oohh i need some air!

so hottt!!!

This is some goood quality. (:

youre amazing! thank you for uploading ^_^

any one can tell me where i can find thid in HQ in 00:11

T.T plz


Deepy stuff!!!! like it………

where are the vocals? at least it’s sexier then the original song.. which is quite strange lol.. this song could me less repetitive though…………

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wow what a heck of a song

F E N O M E N A L ! 🙂


magix music maker???? bravo complimenti….

Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing the best trace in UTube

fantastick track!nice one!

love it

Great track <3

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I love it

I love it!

great, im listining it all the time^^


Love it!

it sounds like minimale’

soo delicious and mysterious sound../really nice dance music!!!!!!

Great stoner sound (H)
Love it


Your dick must be huge

Liquid music :p:p:p

top mix but wheres the original hook – this would frustrate me on e

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