Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language

A brief visual guide, created by the Zoom Room, to better understand the body language of dogs. Facial expressions and posture are examined both with isolated dogs as well as dogs at play or in other social interactions. It’s important for all dog owners to recognize when their pet is happy and relaxed versus nervous, worried or downright dangerous. The guide will also help you read other dogs that you and your pet might encounter, in order to best assess the situation. If you’re bringing your dog or puppy to socialize with other dogs at the Zoom Room, a dog park, or any other locale, this video will help you better understand and communicate with your dog or puppy, so that you can take the appropriate action, if necessary. Come Zoom! www.ZoomRoomOnline.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jesse McCartney’s Body Language featuring T-Pain ~Enjoy~:D
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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I continue to send this out to clients as one of ly more valuable tools for helping people understand their dogs.

Really excellent. Thank you for posting it.

This is great1 thank you!

This is an exceptionally great video – thank you for posting it!

Out of lots of videos from professionals, “explaining” dog behavior , this is one of the few, that I consider to be correct.

Great video, now im going to apply my new found knowledge on my pitt bull. lol

Excellent! Great text, great pictures and video. Concise and understandable!! Thank you!

This is really quite well done.


Great video. Well done

great video i learn so much with cesar millan show but these is like a glosary of all episodes cool!!


Excellent informative video. Thanks

Wow, this is very well done! Thank you.

Interesting, Thanks

wtf is lanuage

t-pains voice is like robotic…..hehe just my opinion

tpain makes everything better

Jesse got my vote! Hottest guy of the year. ^^

geiles lied er is 100%besser als bieber diese schwukele hamma lied daumen hoch!!!

it definitely sounds better with T Pain.

i like this a lot (:


I love this song!!

I luv this song

T Pain is the highlight in that song!!!!!

i loved it

oh yeah. t-pain made this song hot

@shadezon ur such a fukn liar!!! you werent in the studio with dem!! qosh y dont yhu get a life and not lie to every1?!?!

I love this song its my FAVORITE….especially that he is sooo hot HIS FUCKEN fine…

i love this song

McCartney’s songs were so much better back then………
Beautiful Soul
Because you live

i never liked jesse mccartney..but now i friggen love himm!

put ur hands on ur chest
2.say the person u loves name 4 times
3.put ur finger on ur nose
4.say his name 4 times
5.put this on four songs and tomorrow he will say he loves u,kiss u on the cheek,or ask u out

love it so damn much..

Makes me thinking of summertime 🙂

@PhoHmooAmerica ya i no

I loveee this song so damn much! I love Jesse McCartney and T-Pain..they are awesome!

they are singing this song to me i was there in the studio

lurrve it:)

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