How to Pick Up a Girl

There are plenty of people who are good at picking up girls…but they aren’t good at explaining what they do. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re either destined to be good with girls, or you aren’t. This is a skill anyone can learn.

# Don’t get sucked in to thinking that you can only find girls to date when you’re out at a party or at the bar. They’re on the street, in a store, in class, everywhere you go. Just go out into the world and pay closer attention.
# Start by [[flirt|flirting]] with her a bit.
# Start by using what’s called a “neutral-opinion opener.” What that means is you ask her a question about something that has nothing to do with you. It can be simple (“What do you think of this place?”) or elaborate (“Did you see the fight outside? There were these two girls, and they were totally fighting over this guy…but the guy was really scrawny and wimpy looking…it was crazy…”) but it really doesn’t matter what you say.
# ”’Try to remain calm.”’ Girls may be hit on almost every day, and they know why you came up to talk to them. They may not be paying attention to what you’re saying, and rather how you are saying it. For instance, she may look for:
#*Are you confident?
#*Are your shoulders hunched over, or back?
#*Do your best to appear comfortable, and she’ll feel comfortable too. Being calm, cool, and in control is an advantage.
# ”’Do something original.”’ A really pretty girl has people telling her all the time how hot she is, how cute she is, how nice she is. and she’s gotten used to empty compliments. If you become the next guy to come up and tell her how pretty she is, she’ll appreciate the compliment, but she won’t find you attractive. Remain calm and casual. Make a little joke at her expense. For instance, you could say something like “Wow, that’s a big purse! Do you have a gun in there?” or if she’s dressed up “I like your shoes…they look really comfortable”. Refrain from comments on her appearance.
# ”’Just be yourself.”’ If you’ve ever asked a girl what to do to meet a girl, she’ll probably say “just be yourself.” You may think that means that if you feel nervous, and that you want to tell her again how pretty she is (for the 40th time) that you should, but that’s NOT what she means. She means to treat her normally almost like one of your guy friends. If you’re at the bar, and she asks you to get her a napkin, she’s probably just asking to see if you’ll jump through a hoop for her. Don’t do it! You wouldn’t break your back to do that for one of your good friends: don’t treat her differently!
# ”’Keep up the banter.”’ Once you’re talking, keep it up. You may want to come up with some stories about you that are funny or interesting, or that display an interesting side to you. Try to not fall into the interview technique (asking things like: What do you do? Where do you live? Where did you go to school? If you’re stuck, turn those interview questions into statements, like “You look like you’re from New York” or “I bet you’re an event planner”)
# ”’Ask for her number.”’ After a few minutes, if you’re having a good time, cut things off on a high note, and ask for her number. Say that you’re having a great time, but you need to get back to your friends (or whatever else you were about to do before you started talking to her). If she says she doesn’t want to give you her number, you can joke with her and say that you promise to only call her 50 times a day, but that’s all. You could also just get her email address (almost everyone has one, and is OK with handing it out, especially for a charming guy like yourself)
# ”’Text her as you’re leaving the venue, then call her the next day.”’ The rule about waiting to call was made for guys who acted too needy on the first meeting. But here’s the deal: if you *were* too needy, waiting to call isn’t going to help all that much. And if you weren’t, there’s no reason you have to wait, and the girl is going to want to hear from you the next day.
# ”’Give her a nickname.”’ If you call her “cutie” at the bar, then when you call her you can say “Hey, cutie… it’s me.” instead of “Umm, this is (your name). We met at the bar the other night.”
# ”’ If it seems like you’re being too needy, you probably are.”’ You don’t have to text or call her every day, especially in the beginning. It’s safe to take a step back (if needed) and not disappear completely.

*Make sure you are always looking into her eyes. Girls hate it when you look at their breast or legs or whatever.
*Remember be calm cool and collected
*Practice – Practice really does make perfect. Practice talking to women in general throughout your day – whether you find them attractive or not. You’re not picking up these women, you’re just practicing talking to them. In fact, you might find it easiest to start by practicing talking to women you don’t want to go out with. Talk to the waitress or cashier. Talk to the women in line with you. Talk to the women waiting for the bus with you, or sitting next to you on the bus. Just practice. You’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable you’ll become talking to the women you want to be picking up when you’ve had ample practice talking to women who you don’t. Practice as well when by yourself, if possible in front of a mirror. Listen to how your voice sounds when you say “Hi” and introduce yourself. Watch you facial expressions and other body language.
*Relax – Get into the habit of doing something to calm your nerves every time you see a beautiful woman. Notice if any of your limbs are shaking nervously, or if you’re fidgeting, and make it stop. Breathe deeply several times, into the belly. You can even close your eyes for several seconds and do some peaceful, relaxing visualizations (if circumstances allow). Give yourself some calming affirmations to run through your mind when you see an attractive woman. No doubt, a certain degree of nerves is to be expected, and the right women find it cute. But too much anxiety reeks of insecurity and is a bigger obstacle to picking up women than anything you could possibly say wrong.
*Try not to be overly concerned, even if you meant well, you’ll seem needy. If you text or call her, and don’t get a response, give her the benefit of the doubt. You got this far already, obviously she is interested in some way. DO NOT text or call her again saying something like, “Okay, never mind, sorry for bothering you…” if she does not respond quickly enough. This makes you seem insecure and needy, even if you were just trying to be nice.
*Always talk to, and treat her like an equal. If all you do is try to please her, then you’ll seem insecure. If you keep treating her like she’s above you, then she will be, and step right over you. And especially don’t try to cater to her every whim when she’s not even asking for/wanting it.

*A lot of people, especially girls, don’t like the idea of learning how to pick up girls. They think it’s misogynist and cheap. There are pick up artists like this…but it doesn’t have to always be that way. Those same girls (if they’re single) are waiting for the right guy to sweep them off their feet…to charm them, and woo them and make them feel special and beautiful…and that’s what you can do with this kind of information if you use it wisely.
*Watch where your eyes are. DO NOT stare at her chest, or keep glancing away. Try to look into her eyes, but not too intensely, which may make her feel nervous.
*Pay close attention to all of the above. Neediness and insecurity are the biggest put-offs.
*If you get a date, look her up on a social networking site and see what she is interested in so you will have something to talk about or can at least somewhat educate yourself on the subjects that interest her.
*Women are not stupid, so try not to be either. They know when you’re lying or trying to trick them.

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The first think you must ask yourself is if you are a seducer.
Confidence and assuredness matter MUCH more than looks to women yes, even the hot ones!
No women resists to a man with a nice chat.
the conversation must be fun, you must make her laugh, if she isnt laughing you must change your strategy.

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To Seduce Women You Must Become A Master Seducer

Here are three tips to help YOU become that guy:

1. Women want a man that acts like a man. You cannot be the kind of guy that is passive and submissive and expect to trigger a woman’s attraction for you. You have to become the alpha male that she lusts after. The thing is, most men don’t know what a real alpha male is. Instead, they become a JERK or worse and think this will make them more attractive to women. You don’t have to.

2. You have to be able to talk to women. You don’t want to have platonic conversations or talk in a way that is boring and bland. You have to add a little spice and a little flavor into the conversation to get her juices flowing and to make her feel excitement and passion for you.

3. You have to feel confident around women. This is one area that most men can improve on. If you do not hold yourself with real confidence around a woman, she will be able to “smell” it on you. An alpha male is confident and comfortable around women and this is why they are attracted to this type.

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