Obvious Lies That Every Cheater Tells! Look For These Before It’s Just Too Late For You

by jainaj

Obvious Lies That Every Cheater Tells! Look For These Before It’s Just Too Late For You

All it takes is a seed of doubt to enter your mind. It is then very easy to catch a cheater. In most cases they are so convinced that they are covering their lies that after a while they begin to get careless and that is when you can easily catch them out. The signs are there, and once you start looking, you will wonder how you have missed them all this while!

I am working late.

This is the most common lie told by cheaters. They know that it is possible to work late, as the job sometimes demands it. They also know that most partners will not make too much of an issue about it. If this begins to happen a bit too often you need to be worried. Also call your spouse during lunch time. This is the time when most cheating mates rendezvous, so if you find that his/her mobile is constantly off during this time; you have something to be worried about.

Taking the dog for a walk late at night.

This is also the time that most cheaters get in touch with their lovers. If this is a new habit he/she has started, you need to get suspicious. He/she is definitely lying. He/she will also be hesitant to hand his/her mobile to you. A man/woman who is not lying will not have any problem letting you use his/her phone.

Flat Tire

This is also an oft used lie. Many cheating mates use this to buy time. A flat tire will give them at least an hour to meet their lover. Call up his service to find out if there indeed was a flat tire.


If your partner tells you that he/she is doing overtime but the pay check remains the same, you know that he /she is lying. Extra work means extra money, and if that is not happening you know that warning bells are ringing. Take him/her to a quiet spot and confront him/her.

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